First show at new gallery

AN exhibition of paintings from the Artists in Penrith day and Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN) is due to open on Thursday evening.
At the end of September, as part of the first Artists in Penrith festival, a total of 36 artists spent a day creating an image of the town within a nine-hour time frame. Those works of art will now be going on public display at the new gallery and studios at 4, Corney Square, next to Penrith Town Hall.
EVAN founder Simon Whalley said: “This is an example of artists taking the lead in the local community and making things happen for themselves.”
There are 40 EVAN members in the scheme and Mr. Whalley praised landlord Eden Council for its support. He also thanked timber firm Richardson’s, which had been generous with flooring sponsorship. Once the gallery is open, there will be changing displays of local work and a total of seven Eden-based artists will have studios at the centre.
EVAN was set up to support the development of local artists; create pathways to progress; provide opportunities for local artists to show and market their work, connecting them with the local and tourist communities; create opportunities for networking and socialising; to provide a professional development scheme for local working artists; and to provide a mentoring scheme for artistic endeavour. The Artists in Penrith exhibition will run from Thursday to Saturday, 18th November.