Unstationary Artists at Dalemain as part of C-Art

Myriad Studio creates faerie legends at Dalemain mansion
AS part of the C-Art festival, Myriad Studio joined the art collective Unstationary Artists to fill the barn at Dalemain mansion, near Ullswater, with art and creativity.
Usually, Myriad Studio runs creative sessions every second Tuesday of the month at Eden Arts’s Old Fire Station in Penrith.
It delivers a mixture of group and personal workshops, some led by professional artists which are skill-based and some based on playful collaboration and run by its group of volunteers. Past projects have included learning monoprinting techniques, knitting and crochet, playing with clay and conductive putty and making a large scale fire engine!
“Myriad is a chance to switch off and join a creative community to create things you didn’t know you could,” said artist Anna McKay.
This month, inspired by The Unseen, a project created by Eden Arts, the session invited people to make a simple faerie out of natural materials and create their legend.
The creative session was held at Dalemain mansion on Tuesday.
“Myriad was created to give people an opportunity to be creative without worrying if what they create is good enough. It is not about what you create at the end of the session, it is about enjoying being creative,” said Katarina Prior, creator of Myriad Studio.