Artist pours scorn on biblical

image of Eve as a temptress …
A PENRITH artist is using her talents to pour scorn on the traditional biblical image of Eve as a temptress who lured Adam into sin by eating from the Tree of Knowledge.
Sarah Hiscoke, aged 42, of Graham Street, believes Eve gets a raw deal from historical interpretations of her “illicit” liaison with the serpent and Adam in Genesis.
“Far from being a sinful temptress, Eve was an intelligent woman who knew she had to get out of the Garden of Eden to be able to reproduce and perpetuate the human race,” she said.
Sarah, a design and craft student at the Cumbria Campus, Newton Rigg, Penrith, specialises in heavily sexual imagery of ripe fruits and snakes as well as nude depictions of Eve herself.
“I’m a feminist so I want to portray Eve in as positive a light as possible. The Bible does not do a very good PR job for Eve, but this idea that she was a terrible person is just one interpretation that has gone around the world.
“Hopefully, my art tells another story that this woman was a wonderful creative force, the beginning of all human life on Earth,” she said.
Sarah, who works in pastels and stitched textiles, is also heavily influenced by Gaudi and has visited Barcelona to study his work.
Two of her pastel pictures are currently on display at the Upfront Galley, Hutton-in-the-Forest.
Before moving to Penrith, where she lives with her husband Deano, a furniture restorer, and their three children Ruth, aged 15, Jane, 13 and seven-year-old Joseph, Sarah was a London-based freelance textile designer, selling her work to different textile companies around the world.
Once she completes her City and Guilds Diploma in design and craft at the Cumbria Campus, Sarah hopes to develop a career in art and textiles.